The Road to Musclemania America 2009 – Week 1

I am excited to be training for the upcoming Musclemania America Championships in November. This is a huge event that features competitions in natural bodybuilding, fitness, and modeling. In addition, I have been asked to contribute to the website by writing about my training regimen leading up to the show in Las Vegas. Wow, what an honor! It is a great opportunity to be one of the featured athletes on Hopefully, I won’t disappoint. I think it is really cool to see how all of these amazing athletes are preparing for the Fitness America Weekend. I know I’ll be tuning in every week to try and learn a thing or two from the best natural stars in the world.

It’s about 8 weeks away from the Big Show — crazy! This will be my first competition in 5 years. I am nervous and excited at the same time. Bodybuilding is my passion. Even though I have not competed over the last few years, I’ve been training hard and eating right. This is a lifestyle thing for me; I’ll do it to the day I die.

I figure there is plenty of time to talk about sets, reps, and egg whites over the next few weeks, so I’d use this first post to tell you a little bit about myself. The thing is I have a pretty diverse background and have had opportunities outside of fitness over the last couple of years. My philosophy is that you only get one shot at life, so you might as well try everything you want to try before its too late.

My last show was in 2004. Time flies. I had a shoulder injury leading up to that show which required surgery. I was bummed because I couldn’t take advantage of some of the opportunities that were presented to me after the show. There’s no doubt competing with Musclemania gives you a lot of exposure in the fitness industry. While I was on the shelf, however, my brother Mike was starting a rock band and asked me to join. He is an awesome drummer of over 25 years and has played in a couple of different bands. I played the drums growing up and also dabbled in Japanese Taiko drumming. He was the drummer, so I couldn’t do that. He asked me to play some back-up drums Taiko-style, but also to be the lead singer. Dude, I’d never sung in my life! But I said why not — remember the whole you only live once mentality! I took some voice lessons and we were off. Our band was called Shed 7. We played around the local San Francisco music scene for about two years. We even recorded an 8-song CD. We never got signed to a label, probably because I sounded like an American Idol reject. Oh well, you can’t be great at everything. But man, it was a lot of fun writing music, playing live, and making new friends. The band split up last year, but don’t count out a Shed 7 reunion tour. Towards the end of last year I trained and prepped for a photo shoot. It turned out pretty good and I started thinking I’d like to get back on stage.

There’s nothing like training for a bodybuilding show. The spring came and went, and the bug never left, and here we are today prepping for Musclemania America. Got to run for now. Next week I’ll lay out the details of my training routine for the show. I’ll also tell you about my days touring as a professional wrestler with All Pro Wrestling. Those were a crazy couple of years.