ilyas“As a physician who has undergone the rigors of medical training, I know what it means to endure and be consistent. But after years of trying various fitness programs, including professional training, I was not satisfied with the results. When I started training with Nate Miyaki, I realized that persistence is not enough. I needed the RIGHT kind of focus and nutritional knowledge to back up the training. Nate has shown me how to combine subtle variations in the workouts with a primary focus on nutritional modifications to get results. His understanding of human physiology – and its response to varying stimuli — flows from him intuitively. Now, 48-years old, I’m in the best shape of my life. My patients and their families keep telling me how healthy and youthful I look. Many have told me that I inspire them to take better care of themselves.”  — Ilyas Iliya, MD, Nephrology & Internal Medicine

“After 3 months following one of Nate’s nutrition plans I have shed a significant amount of body fat. I have to say, I have never looked better, and more importantly, felt better and more alert and energetic in my life. The most important part is how easy the plan was to integrate into my hectic schedule — long hours, business travel, etc. Nate understands how athletes work and think, as well as the thought processes of the highly Type A professional. I cannot recommend Nate’s book enough. He is superb.” — Joan Haratani, Lawyer, Managing Partner

shawn“When my friend and mentor Nate overhauled my diet, within the year I found myself competing on an international stage with some of the best natural bodybuilders in the world. I also scored several modeling jobs including Cliff Bar, Indie Custom Jeans, and The Perfect Pushup. Upon realizing the power of Nate’s simple, straight forward approach to nutrition, I began sharing my experience with all of my clients and helping them benefit from his combination of scientific knowledge and practical techniques. All of my busy clients took what I taught them and began to reap the benefits of what I had learned. No matter if the goal was weight loss or improved health, I had a solution to offer that fit into their busy lifestyles and helped them to succeed. The greatest thing I saw in my clients was their ability to take the program with them on the road. I felt a sense of empowerment as a teacher because for the first time in my 8-year career, I had a system to offer that produced real results.” — Coach Shawn Toussaint

chrissy“Nate’s plan has been the foundation to my successful lifestyle change. Before following Nate I worked out regularly and ate what I thought was healthy, but I was at my all-time heaviest. Now when I look back I wasn’t eating healthy at all. I thought eating low fat, whole wheat, 100-calorie packs, with occasional (daily) treats was healthy. I would also make excuses for eating poorly “It’s ok because I was working late or I worked out today” I justified everything! [Now] I am down 26 pounds, I work out less, and have a body I never thought was possible as a busy professional. The plan is simple: you eat real food…no-brainer, right? But it’s not as easy as just saying I am cutting this out because someone said not to eat it. Nate backs everything up with science and real research. Knowing why things are not good for you is key. I work at an office that is filled with cakes, cookies, candy, pizza, and takeout (which contributed to my weight gain). Now I can easily turn things down, and happily eat better meals. Most people think I am dieting for my wedding, but this isn’t just a diet this is a lifestyle that I am so happy to live. I feel fortunate to have met Nate through his wonderfully supportive wife Kalai!” — Chrissy Coleman, Systems Operation Officer

billy“Over the years I have witnessed the incredible results Nate has achieved with his clients. Nate combines his broad personal athletic background in strength and bodybuilding with his in depth education and research in nutrition in order to bring about true transformations in not only the bodies, but also the lives of his clients. He offers detailed and efficient programs through the intricate design of nutrition plans so that every client moves forward towards their goals in an efficient and well-expedited manner. I have seen him help clients lose weight, pack on muscle mass, and often do both. A majority of our trainers go to Nate as a resource for information on the latest research and smartest methods for leading clients towards their goals. His thorough research and studies, as well as his own personal workouts and fitness accomplishments, have made him an experienced and intelligent teacher for all levels of students, from the beginner to the advanced athlete. Whether he is working in a one-on-one session or hosting a nutrition seminar for our staff and practitioners, Nate clearly presents information in an enjoyable format, so that it is easy to understand and fun to learn.” — Billy Polson, Owner, Diakadi Body Personal Training and Wellness Center

paula-25-Edit“Being a hardcore Paleo CrossFit girl I was reluctant to eat much complex carbohydrate, yet was still struggling to shed some pounds. Not to mention my energy during my short, heavy and intense weightlifting workouts and sprinting sessions lacked my previous zest and power, which I attributed to aging. Nate and I developed a stimulating correspondence and he offered numerous tips and detailed advice. He helped me realize that the right types of carbohydrates were not evil villains for regular exercisers, but they actually refueled muscle glycogen and prevented metabolic decline. Not only did I look leaner, but my workouts had that old power and zip back — it wasn’t age at all! With the fine-tuning advice I learned from Nate I was able to reset the clock and get to 12% body fat. And here we are one year later and 52 years “young”. I maintained all of my weight loss. Thanks again Nate!” — Paula Jager, Business Owner

ospina“I was lucky enough to stumble across Nate’s content around October of 2011. At this time I was avidly doing research on performance nutrition in order to drop weight divisions for my sport, and to give better dietary advice to my clients and athletes. For years I had followed the typical guidelines (5-6 meals a day, no carbs at night, mostly whole grains during the day, etc.) but had little success. After reading Nate’s plans, I decided to give it a try, though I was skeptical at first. After three months I improved my body composition, improved my strength and endurance, and dropped weight classes to capture the GFC Amateur State Title! Not only did this nutrition plan help me improve as a fighter, but as a trainer as well. Many of my clients (doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc) and professional fighters have had great success following Nate’s nutritional guidelines. If you are serious about improving your health, body composition, and overall quality of life, then this book is a MUST!” — Ralph Ospina, B.Ed., Kinesiology, trainer, GFC Amateur MMA Champion

pat“For many years, I had borderline high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I did my best to control it by eating a low fat diet and exercising a couple times a week. I was relatively fit and thought I was eating healthy. In my late 30’s, I was placed on high blood pressure medication. And in my early 40’s, I started taking high cholesterol medicine. Shortly after starting the high cholesterol medication, I had a severe allergic reaction and had to stop taking all medications. Nate, my youngest brother, told me that he thought I could lower both my cholesterol and blood pressure if I followed his nutrition program. I did not believe him, but had nothing to lose, so I agreed to give it a try. By only changing what I ate, I lost about 15 pounds, which was not a goal of mine, but a pleasant result, especially given that much of the weight was in my waist line as I went down two sizes in my pants. During this time period, I did not change the amount I exercised (as a busy professional, it is difficult for me to increase the amount I exercise). Today, roughly six years later, I eat food mostly from the refrigerator, not the cabinets, I am not on high blood pressure or high cholesterol medicine, and I maintain the weight loss that resulted from my change in lifestyle. Nate’s program works, and I am so glad that I listened to my youngest brother.” — Patrick Miyaki, Lawyer, Managing Partner, and Nate’s big bro

farb“I’ve learned from Nate how to eat and exercise in a way that has me in the best shape of my life while dealing with the non-stop work schedule of a start-up founder.” — Farbood Nivi — Founder & CEO, Grockit






“Nate is my guru. ‘Nuff said. Got bigger. Lost weight. Feel fuller. Only problem is that my clothes don’t fit anymore. Nate is super smart, not dogmatic and he really cares. He has looked at this issue from all the angles (paleo, scientific, anecdotal, Japanese) and synthesized a diet that works. It makes you feel good, and is sustainable and easy regardless of your profession.” — Nivi Babak, Co-founder, AngelList; Co-founder, Venturehacks

“Want some seriously researched fitness and nutrition advice? Follow another one of my mentors/friends, @Nate Miyaki.” @rachelizabethm — Rachel Elizabeth Murray, Fitness Model and Entrepreneur

“Just got some killer nutrition tips from my buddy @NateMiyaki. Dude is brilliant and you need to follow him.” @JasonFerruggia — Jason Ferruggia, Fitness writer, strength coach, former writer for Men’s Fitness

Thanks to Nate, I dropped 8% of my body fat in about 6 months. Nate is a superb trainer who helps with weight training, flexibility and nutrition.  He works with whatever your goals are and can help you to set goals and realize them.  Thanks for the new six pack, Nate!”  ~ Spencer G.

“I had the good fortune to start working out with Nate two years ago. Nate is top-notch at what he does and practices what he preaches. I could not have achieved my goals without his guidance. As a physician, I am impressed with his knowledge of muscle physiology and fitness nutrition. In fact his knowledge is so comprehensive that we have discussed collaborating on a book project together.”  ~ Steve M.

“At 42 years of age, 6’3”, 240 lbs and with a family history of diabetes, I needed to lose weight.  Unable to motivate myself, I challenged 6 friends that also needed to lose weight and we agreed upon our own “Biggest Loser” contest.  Exercise was a given – but it all hinged on changing my diet.  I needed help, so I turned to Nate.  He gave me a diet and all the details I needed to lose weight.  Following Nate’s instructions, EXACTLY (no cheating!), allowed me to lose a grand total of 40 lbs! Thanks again Nate!”  ~ Gavin L.

“I met Nate nine years ago, and he was my personal trainer for a long time.  If I had not moved away, he would still be my trainer.  One thing that differentiates Nate from others is the fact that he really cares about his clients goals to attain fitness and good nutrition.  He would have me email him the foods I ate for a week, and then tell me that good nutrition is the biggest part of getting fit. In my home gym, I do the routines that Nate has taught me over the years. Following his regimen of good diet, rest and exercise has made me from a size 12/14 to a size 4/6 even though I am no longer with him. Thanks Nate for all that you do–being firm and strict with your regimen of personal training.”  ~ Marie M.

“What makes Nate exceptional trainer is that he is knowledgeable not only in all matters of proper weight lifting but also in nutrition, lifestyle and psychology. Nate trains people from different backgrounds, creating a unique plan for each client tailored to his or her unique predispositions and goals. Nate helped me lose over 15% of body fat (over 50lbs) and significantly improve my overall fitness level. I am very happy training with Nate, I constantly learn from him and our sessions are always very interesting.”  ~ Ive G.

Nate is a very conscientious trainer who works towards achieving goals within the abilities of his client. He is well schooled in anatomy and understands why an exercise works for one client may not be advisable for another.  We are going on at least 5 years and have a very easy going yet committed relationship in our training together.  Nate is the best!”  ~ Shila C.