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How to Cut Through the Fitness Bullshit & Find Better Weight Loss Ways

Going into this highly competitive 2015 New Year’s Resolution Season, I had a very different game plan, and vision of how my ongoing battle with my nemesis — Y2K belly fat and poor biomarkers of health — was going to go down. I normally come out guns blazing. But this year, I was actually planning on using a Rope-a-Dope-style strategy.

That means I was going to sit back on the sidelines the first month of the year, and pretty much not do shit from a writing or educational standpoint.

That’s right. I was just going to disappear, focus on my own protocol for an upcoming photo shoot, watch the football playoffs, maybe sneak in some Cinemax B-movie Skin Flicks, and let people do whatever crazy diet and fitness shit they were going to do to start the New Year.

I mean it has been my experience that people are going to do that stuff anyways, no matter what I or any other sincere fitness professional says. And breaking through that irrational “glass case of emotion” is pretty much fucking impossible, even with my short but sturdy Little Shiitake.

Glass Case of Emotion Ron Burgundy

So I was going to sit on the ropes and conserve my strength. But then, when my peeps burned out of the bullshit and realized that Get Fit Quick Schemes don’t work (even on the 2nd, 10th, or 20th time); I was going to make my glorious return, land a 1-2 punch to the gut, knock that belly fat out (or off your body), and help you find some better weight loss ways.

Well, sometimes the scripts you write for yourself don’t always work out in the real world, and I’m already breaking my resolution with this post.

It seems as if the fitness ridiculousness has hit an all-time high, at least within my circle. I can’t just sit back on the sidelines and do nothing with a clear conscience. People are already totally jacking themselves up with the magic pill madness. Read the rest of this entry

Debunking the Paleo Diet: 89 Bullets on the Debate

Debunking Paleo Diet

*WARNING This post is a rant about the Paleo vs. Debunking Paleo Diet Debate in specific, and the health & fitness industry in general.  It is Rated “R” by the fitness blogger’s association and is bound to offend probably everyone at some point.  Sorry about that. I come from a small surfer town where: (a) we’re a little rough around the edges with the language and whatnot, (b) you can get in a fist fight with someone, and laugh about it with them over a drink a few hours later.  If you’re not that laid back, don’t keep reading.    Read the rest of this entry

Top Trainer Billy Polson’s Fat Loss Diet

In this interview, I talk with my friend and colleague Billy Polson.  He talks about the specifics of the diet plan he’s been using to lose fat, build muscle, and improve energy all while keeping up with the demands of owning, operating, and training  private clients at San Francisco’s top personal training facility, Diakadi Body.