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Combatting the Major Causes of Weight Gain

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*The featured photo above is from a shoot a few years back. The photographer gave me a long sword to distract attention away from my small package 🙂 With the release of The Truth About Weight Loss right around the corner, I wanted to post up a sample chapter from the book to give you a free inside look.  Just now as I wrote that, I’m wondering why the hell I even decided to.. Read More

When and How You Should Track Your Food Intake, Calories, and Macros

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Over the last few posts, we’ve battled through tough times together, and bid farewell to a few that we’ve lost. But dammit, its high time we get back to having a little fun and getting some shit done. So for your fat loss satisfaction, we return to the nutrition action. As many of you know, the core principle of my intermittent feasting-style diet is to eat lighter during the day, and enjoy your.. Read More