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About Nate & Kalai’s Personal Fitness Story: An Excerpt From the New Feast Your Fat Away Book

Ladies, you are looking lovely this evening.  Your Certified Gentleman is back to escort you through the fitness filth. Guys, hows it hanging?  Small, with significant shrinkage?  Well, the weather is starting to get colder.  That’s the excuse I use. I know I’ve been away for a while, not posting, not answering questions, etc.  Part of that, as most of you already know, is that both my mom and dad passed away in.. Read More

3 Steps For Designing Effective Diet Plans

I’ve been “social media-ing” about a few recent nutrition talks I’ve given, and “Da People” have voiced their passionate desire to taste a few samplings of these epic events. As the humble Westley once said to Buttercup in the Princess Bride, “As you wish”. DESIGNING DIETS FOR BUSY PROFESSIONALS I take a slightly different approach when designing diets plans for busy professionals then for athletes.  We need to prioritize, and focus on the.. Read More

Top Trainer Billy Polson’s Fat Loss Diet

In this interview, I talk with my friend and colleague Billy Polson.  He talks about the specifics of the diet plan he’s been using to lose fat, build muscle, and improve energy all while keeping up with the demands of owning, operating, and training  private clients at San Francisco’s top personal training facility, Diakadi Body.

Q: What’s the best way to train your body to burn fat instead of carbs while exercising?

ANSWER: The actual answer to your question is low intensity aerobic activity, after a period of fasting (so first thing in the morning). The real question, however, is this — is that the most efficient and effective approach for your goals? Assuming your goal is to lose body fat — I would say absolutely not! Its not about how many calories you burn while exercising, or what percentage of those calories come from.. Read More