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Tyler Got Ripped: A Personal Success Story of Overcoming Carbophobia

When my buddy Tyler sent me an email explaining how adding a few carbs back into his diet got him more ripped than ever, I asked him to share his story on Da Blog for you.  He graciously accepted. Thanks brother.

Tyler's current condition

Tyler’s current condition

After all, you gotta be sick of me saying the same shit all of the time — there is no one Universal diet or macronutrient distribution that works for everyone, everywhere; you simply have to match the diet to the metabolic condition, training program, and physique goals; low-carb diets can be good or bad depending on the person/situation, etc.

I thought maybe you would take another ripped dude’s word for it. We’re about getting shit done on this site.  Take it from my buddy Tyler who is doing just that.


When I first began my experience regarding diet and weight training my approach was probably very similar to a lot of yours. Two goals in mind: build muscle and stay ripped. With all the controversy amongst macronutrients flying around you couldn’t help but get caught up in the mass confusion going back and forth. That wasn’t until I discovered Nate Miyaki that it finally cleared the air once and for all, and it was his teachings on carbohydrate metabolism, and the physiological use of glucose during exercise that truly changed the game.

You see I was training 5-6 days a week consuming no more then 25-50 grams of carbohydrates with the typical full blown paleo approach not realizing just how bad I needed the glycogen to fuel my workouts. I felt like I was spinning my wheels in an endless rut, my lifts were suffering, I was making no progress, my insomnia was increasing, and my libido was down the drain. That sh*t sucked.

It wasn’t until I reintroduced carbohydrates back into my diet that I gained my muscle mass back, and even new lean mass, and even lost more body fat then I had previously tried to with a carb restricted diet! My lifts immediately rose back up, I no longer sat in a constant brain fog, and my sleep was better then it had ever been in a long time. The lesson at hand is to truly understand and value the basic physiological responses of exercise and how sports nutrition is vastly different then that of a sedentary person. Understanding fuel sources is a basic principle that can allow you greater clarity amongst the body’s use of macronutrients entirely.

Do yourself a favor, leave the full blown paleo diet to the guy getting his exercise at the flick of the channel changer,  keep the carbs for yourself — Tyler Holmes


First off, thanks for sharing Tyler. I think the best way to help people is just by being an open book.  Thanks for letting us get a glimpse of your journey. And keep up the great work man. You’re looking frickin’ shredded.

Second, lets try to help everyone else reading this get some practical strategies from the post.  Tyler added: “You seriously got me out of the most depressing rut iv ever been in regarding diet, and a pure paleo diet at that. You have completely changed my outlook on carbohydrate metabolism and the impact it’s made on my training, sex life, sleep, and mood is literally outstanding. I maintain this level of leanness eating 180+carbs a day, if not higher on training days.”

Here’s a few more carb bullets that might help clear up some carb confusion and get the rest of you on a more targeted plan:

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