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Week 7 – Two Weeks Left

Before business, here’s a little story for you.

I was practicing all of the mandatory poses at home and realized I had to get back to work. I changed and rushed out without cleaning up. My wife gets home that night before I do and sees my maroon posing trunks lying on the bed. She said for about 5 minutes she was freaking out wondering, “Who the hell’s panties are in my frickin’ bed?” Hah, glad she had calmed down and figured it out before I got home. Alright, for the last time for everyone who has been busting my balls – they’re not a Speedo, they’re not a thong, they’re not panties, they are POSING TRUNKS!!!

Well boys and girls, we’re just over two weeks away from Fitness America in Vegas. Anyone excited? If there were a 155 lbs. weight class, I’d say I was ready to go, but the only two options are 145 lbs. and 165 lbs. I’ve seen what a big and ripped Musclemania competitor looks like at 165 lbs., it is incredible. They can easily look 20 lbs. bigger. With that in mind I’ve decided my best chance at a strong showing is to head south to the Bantamweight Division (145 lbs). As a result, I still have a lot of work ahead of me in the next 2 ½ weeks.

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