Be “like water” — the epitome of flexibility, able to change instantly to conform to and take advantage of any circumstance…You must learn to adapt and change if you want to survive.  If you want to be a winner, like Musashi, you must constantly develop new ways of competing, new techniques for overcoming the challenges you face. — Samurai Strategies.


Nate is available as a guest speaker for fitness events, corporate wellness programs, group seminars, and is even known to perform at birthday parties and weddings from time-to-time.  Clients include Zynga, Ethos Healthy Company, Hanson Bridgett, Sports Basement, and Diakadi Personal Training & Wellness Studio.

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Nate Miyaki is a charismatic presenter.  He received rave reviews from our attorneys and staff at Hanson Bridgett. Nate has been at our firm twice this year, and I know we will be back again due to popular demand. Nate is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness but his message is for real people, and he is skilled at breaking down complex information into simple easy messages.  The best part is Nate is really fun, and you can tell he loves what he does and is passionate about helping everyone achieve their goals. I would highly recommend Nate Miyaki for any organization. You won’t be disappointed. — Mary Sherman, Human Resources Director

My name is Albert Jovel a 15-year industry veteran and co-founder of Ethos Health Company (, a corporate wellness practice dedicated to changing corporate wellness programming one company at a time. I am writing to unreservedly recommend Nate Miyaki’s work on nutrition to anyone who is tired of fad-diets and is ready to make life-changing habitual changes that work, are sustainable, and show results quickly yet continue to progress and never stagnate. Nate is that rare breed of nutritionist who employs a principled-philosophy to all of his work and as such his work reveals Nate’s passion for science, his penchant for practically based philosophical approaches to nutrition and life with a good serving of common sense.  Nate never loses sight of his audience and is able to effectively write for todays’ corporate worker without being didactic and instead instructs and guides you in ways that other nutrition programs simply don’t; like much of his advice on how to eat, Nate packs a lot of digest-able and usable information into small morsels of rich thought that will help you begin to make the changes necessary to change the way you eat and feel.  It is for these reasons that EHC did not hesitate to book Nate to come-in to our corporate clients to help them with their nutrition. — Albert  Jovel, co-founder Ethos Health Company

Nate has provided me with a strong, structure, and flexible program that has helped keep me on track to reach my goals.  Nate makes sure I understand why we’re doing what we’re doing, and also makes sure the program we built is sustainable.  This was critical for me, as I’ve got a demanding job that requires travel, so having a program I could make fit into my lifestyle was paramount.  In six months, I’ve lost 10 lbs. of fat while putting on significant lean muscle.  I feel stronger, have a higher level of energy, and can see and feel a difference on a daily basis.  That has provided motivation to keep going in this direction and seek out additional knowledge and program modifications to achieve even more aggressive goals.  Nate has also proven to be a great resource for a number of my friends and colleagues.  I feel lucky to have Nate as my trainer and friend – he has helped demystify food and nutrition in very easy-to-understand ways, which ultimately allows me to think more and make better nutritional choices, regardless of where I am. – Matt Hurwitz