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Aloha. What’s up? Welcome.  Here’s what we’re doing over here…

1. Teaching you how to look good at Da Beach.

  • Nutrition and training programs geared specifically towards slashing fat, building lean muscle, shaping your body, and looking good naked (hey now)!
  • Improving your overall health, energy levels, cognitive function, and confidence along the way is pretty cool too.
  • Simple, honest, and straightforward fitness information without the industry fluff, fads, misinformation, or bullshit.
  • Practical, functional, and sustainable lifestyle plans.  We want you to look Ron Burgundy or Veronica Corningstone-style good, year-round, without having to give up your health, sanity, career, or social life.
  • Empower YOU, and get you to understand that changing your daily habits will have a far greater impact on your results than chasing magic pills or quick fixes.

We have a ton of articles, posts, interviews, and videos on this site.  But if you’re new to it, we think the best way to get started is to check out our Free Beach Physique Guide. 


2. Sharing a little Wave Man Philosophy along the way.

  • The greatest training and nutrition programs in the world are meaningless unless they are actually applied.  We want to help you find the right personal motivation so you can stop procrastinating and start getting stuff done.  Cliches won’t cut it for real-world results.
  • And just like Derek Zoolander, we believe there has got to be more to life then just being really, really, really, ridiculously ripped.  I hope you are willing to find out what that is with us, without the mysticism, intellectual elitism, or bullshit.
  • We’re into the strategies of Bruce Lee & Miyamoto Musashi, combined with a little Aloha Spirit. 
  • It’s helped us in reaching our athletic goals, but more importantly, in getting through some tough times; overcoming challenges and setbacks; and in finding a little passion, purpose, and peace of mind in life.
  • We are simply sharing what has helped us in our lives.  We have no desire to prove that we are right, smart, deep, or anything else. We truly hope it can help you, but we ain’t no gurus.  Cool?

Simply let your career and daily activities be harmonious expressions of who you truly are. – The Warrior Within.

We know we’re a mixed up bag of fitness and philosophy, serious strategies and immature fun.  But it’s who we are.  You could be interested in one, the other, both, or neither.

Absorb what is useful. Reject what is useless. – Bruce Lee


I am half Japanese and half Irish, grew up in a town full of surfers and rednecks, went to a college filled with geniuses and hippies, and live in one of the biggest “melting pot” cities in the world.  I have no business being prejudice against anyone.

Kalai is even more of an ethnic mutt than me, and grew up in a culture that treats everyone who visits their shores from across the world like family.

So we don’t care who you are, where you’re from, who you pray to, where in the world you’re hanging, who you’re banging (as long as legal and consensual), etc.

If you’re down with fitness, physique, warrior strategy, or Da Beach mentality, then we’re down with you.


To be honest, we’re kind of loners and wallflowers by nature.  But even vagabonds join up with other warriors from time-to-time to fight for causes they believe in.  If you’ve made it this far, it is clear that we share some similar passions.

It would be an honor to be your sidekicks, your mentors, and your friends during your journey.  Here’s how we can ride together:

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