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Aloha, what’s up, welcome. Here’s what we’re doing on the fitness side of this site. Hope it helps you out man, girl, man-girl, or girlie man…


We’re trying to show people how they can achieve a cosmetic, out of this world, some other planet look, which is the kind of body I go for. — Vince Gironda

1. We focus on training and nutrition programs geared specifically towards slashing body fat, building lean muscle, and looking good with your shirt off, pants off, or walking around naked. Give us a show baby. Don’t be shy.

2. Improving biomarkers of health and overall wellness is a part of what we do too, but nothing we write or teach is meant to treat any specific medical condition. For that you will need treatment from a healthcare specialist or medical nutrition therapist. Don’t trust your health to fitness marketing material, or some self-proclaimed guru trying to build a platform by proclaiming his pee-pee can cure every disease on the planet.

3. There is certainly a lot of overlap with programs geared towards other fitness goals – getting Donkey Kong strong, running as fast as Usain Bolt or as far as Forest Gump, improving your numbers and times in physical challenges, becoming your local boot camp champion, seeing how many pull-ups you can do while simultaneously winning the Air-Sex World Championships (this really exists), etc. But never forget our primary focus here is on physique enhancement. We want you to look Ron Burgundy or Veronica Corningstone-style good, and be confident enough to Free Little Willy or Unleash Thelma & Louise at Da Beach.

Mr. Burgundy & Ms. Corningstone

Mr. Burgundy & Ms. Corningstone

4. One of the additional areas we focus on is integrating movements from yoga, martial arts, corrective exercise, mobility programs, and biomechanically-based isolation exercises and stretches in order to offset the seated computer posture, improve muscle imbalances and alignment, reduce chronic pain, and prevent injuries.  While we’re into Yoda’s wisdom, we don’t want you to end up looking and moving like him.

5. Many have moved away from focusing primarily on physique enhancement because of the negative association with extreme juiced up bodybuilders, crazy pill-popping fitness diva disasters, and the physique-at-all-costs mentality. That’s not what we’re about here. We’re more about finding sustainable lifestyle plans that help you live lean year-round without giving up your health, wellness, career, sanity, or social life. To be 100% honest, if you are willing to give up everything just to get the body you want, there are probably others out there who can help you better than we can. I ain’t no preacher, and you gotta do what you gotta do. But I’ll just say this — I know some extreme athletes and cutting edge biohackers think they can outsmart their internal physiology and negative feedback loops, but I haven’t seen too many win that battle in the long run. What I’ve seen a lot more of is fantastic short-term results followed by long battles with weight rebounds, yo-yo’ing, natural hormone production, and emotional issues.

6. But we’re not at the opposite, infomercial extreme either – you know the scammers that promise you can eat whatever you want, never workout, and just take a few magic pills to reach your physique goals. That’s horse shit of the highest kind my friend, so stop snacking on it. The tough love truth is that you’ll need to take some personal accountability and put in some effort to reach your goals. It’s not always easy, but it’s not impossible either. If you’re a lazy bastard or broad looking for the quick fix, we’re not da crew for you.

7. While there are always a few good nuggets of gold discovered from time-to-time, the foundation of efficient fat loss and physique enhancement plans hasn’t changed much over the last few decades, and never will. Real foods, free weights, and basic methods can get the job done. While fads and trends come and go, the fundamentals have stood the test of time for one simple reason – they work.

True refinement seeks simplicity

True refinement seeks simplicity.

8. 80% of the fitness industry is geared towards selling you a bunch of bullshit that you don’t really need, on minutia that doesn’t really matter, on purposely confusing you so you come back for more, or on researchers and coaches overcomplicating things in order to justify their credentials, impress other colleagues, or project an aura of intellectual superiority. We’re more into efficiency through simplicity, cutting through the crap, hacking away the unessential, and getting down to what actually produces results in the real world.  After nearly 20 years in the game as an athlete and coach, I can tell you the following with confidence.  While the science behind them is crazy complex and could take a lifetime to learn, the practical application strategies, the “what to do” of the most effective programs on the planet, are the simplest ones on paper. Easy? Not always. You’re gonna have to grind sometimes. Simple and straightforward? Yes.

9. Get in the calorie deficit necessary for fat loss, eat enough protein to support lean muscle mass and improve satiety, adjust your carb and dietary fat intake up or down based on type, volume, and frequency of exercise as well as individual metabolic condition (lean towards lower carbs for sedentary, obese, and insulin resistant and towards higher carbs for athletes and regular high-intensity exercisers); emphasize mostly real, whole, natural foods over highly refined, processed, and fast foods; find a diet structure that is practical and sustainable for you (you can do the fitness 6 small meals a day and starve at night thing, but research shows that is completely unnecessary, and you can get equally good fat loss results eating the traditional 3 meals a day with a higher percentage of calories and carbs at night — which is way easier and more enjoyable for most of us with real careers and some kind of sex and social life), strength train to build lean muscle mass and shape, tighten, and tone the body (yes, you too ladies); increase non-exercise specific activity (i.e. walk more as part of your day/for an errand, take a hike pal, have more sexy time with your significant other) for some extra fat loss.  Be as consistent as you can, and then peel (off the layers) and reveal.  Boom.

10. And THE most important step – taking action baby. These days people read, talk, theorize, and debate in forums a hell of a lot more than they actually “do” in the real world. We can’t stand for such uselessness. If you want to reach your goals, you have to take the first step today (not tomorrow), and then continue putting one foot in front of the other and walking on (not talking on and on).

11. In other words, the key is Kaizen – moving one step closer to your goals on a daily basis through action. Not whining about where you are at, or sitting back and overanalyzing about which path will get you to where you want to go.  Take some steps, then assess and adjust as necessary.

12. On that note – We have a ton of articles, posts, interviews, and videos on this site.  But if you’re new, it is easy to get lost in the sea of content.  We think the best way to get started is to check out our free Beach Physique Guide. You’ll be able to start on your plan tomorrow, and get continual guidance and reminders along the way.




“I know nothing about how to win over others. I only know the way to win over myself.” Your life is something you build every day. You must convince yourself that you have surpassed yesterday. And tomorrow you must feel that you have surpassed today. In this way there is no end to your mastery. – Bushido

Don’t add worry to your troubles. – Serene , detached from all results, ready to fight or run, to win or lose, and always ready to laugh at all things, take whatever comes. Your child is ill you say, or you cannot pay the rent? Very well, accept these facts and face them. Are they not trouble enough in themselves without adding the aggravation of worry to them?…Do what seems wise to be done, forget it, and walk on. Walk on and see a new view. Walk on and see the birds fly. Walk on and leave behind all things that would damn up the inlet, or clog the outlet, of experience. – Bruce Lee.

If you just care about the vanity side of things, you’re done. Read the guide and get cranking away towards your goals. But the other things we’re into on this site are Warrior Strategy & Wave Man Living. If you’d like to know what that is all about, check out our “Philosophy” page here: THE PHILOSOPHY PAGE 

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