Nate Miyaki

Natural Physique Athlete ~ Student of The Ronin Strategies

The Power of Goals

Setting goals is a powerful tool that can be used in almost every aspect of our lives — self-improvement, career advancement, educational development, athletic achievement, relationship communication, and financial control. Those who have never used goals for guidance or motivation tend to write them off as self-help nonsense. Those who have experienced their power set and monitor goals on a regular basis. All achievement starts with goals. You have to know where you.. Read More

A Secret You Shouldn’t Keep

I’ve always told people that if you have a goal, you need to tell people about it.  The more people you tell the better, but you need to share your goal with at least one other person.  Why? Because this holds you accountable to pursuing and achieving that goal.  If you keep your goals a secret, you have no one to call you out when you are slacking off or falling off track. .. Read More

What is Fitness Psychology?

Hit the weights a few times a week, walk more, don’t eat crappy food, control your portions, drink more water, etc., etc. We all have a basic idea of what we should be doing right? So why don’t we actually do it? Bookshelves, websites, and infomercials are full of the hottest new diet and training programs that are finally going to get you results. Trust me, it is not the diet or training.. Read More

Set a Goal and Get Started

My wife has been an athlete for most of her life, but recently has become more interested in fitness training, and the fitness industry as a whole. This is great news for me, as her background is a great compliment to my own. While I’ve spent the last 10 years focusing on training and nutrition, her background is in psychology. She has agreed to help me transfer principles of behavioral and sports psychology.. Read More

Fitness Nutrition 101

Hey everyone, hope you are having a great start to the New Year. As you can see the site is up and running. I’m excited about the new format that will enable me to bring you some cool tools in the near future. One note — if you’ve tried to sign up for the blog and didn’t receive an authorization email, make sure to check your SPAM folder. A few readers have informed.. Read More