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Introducing the New Free Beach Physique Guide

Holy shit man, summer is right around the corner!!!

And any honest fitness dude or diva will tell you that if you want to make a dramatic visual difference in your physique before the summer days start drifting away, you need to start on a targeted training and nutrition plan RIGHT FREAKING NOW.

Because Summer Loving happens so fast…

You know by now that your People’s Nutrition Educator can’t stand da bullshit that plagues our beloved fitness industry.  So I’m here to tell you the truth – losing fat, building some lean muscle, and transforming your physique takes time.

Forget about waiting until the last minute and thinking following some crash diet, extreme training protocol, or miracle detox/cleanse program is gonna get the job done.

How many times has that actually worked for you or anyone you know?  Most just end up losing a bunch of muscle and looking softer and flabbier.  They certainly don’t end up with a Goldmember or Austin Powers-style “tight body”.

You want to be "tight like a tiger."

You want to be “tight like a tiger.”

The scale may say you are winning with that crap, but the mirror will show you that you are losing.  Because remember, muscle is what provides your body with its shape, tightness, tone, and definition (yes, you too ladies).

And then of course there is the equally fast weight rebound that happens afterwards, which of course no one talks about.  It’s a pointless roller coaster ride without the cool hands in the air, blood rushing to your red face, screaming photo at the end of it. But I digress…

The main point I’m trying to get across is that if you want to be ready for some summer loving, and maybe even some bedroom fireworks on da 4th of July, you need to get on a better, more efficient plan.  And you need to start putting in the work on that plan now.  That’s why we put together our Free Beach Physique Guide.

Some of you sneaky bastards have already seen it and downloaded it.  Hope you dig it.  But for the rest of you, today is the official launch of it.

What is this glorious Beach Physique Guide all about?

It’s basically everything I think you need to know to lose fat, build some lean muscle mass, transform your physique, and look awesome in a bikini, board shorts, or walking around naked.  It consists of 3-parts.


For the go-getters, we dropped everything down into a PDF file that you can download immediately.  You can read it in one sitting and get started with your plan today.


But sometimes with anything new or challenging, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  And when that happens, you end up doing nothing. We ain’t down with that.  Although we’re about having a little fun along the way here, we’re also about getting shit done.

So what we did is break the guide up into smaller, more digestible, more manageable chunks.  We cover the most important strategies one topic at a time, and send them over email lessons.  We then give you a few practical action steps to take, and some time to go out and apply them before we dive into the next lesson.

And in case you hate reading emails, the majority of the lessons also come with the option of watching it as a video tutorial.

Think of it as an ongoing, multimedia, Beach Physique E-course.  Some people learn, absorb, and apply better this way.  If that’s you, great!  I’m down for whatever gets you to where you want to go.


Fitness and physique is our passion.  We practice what we preach, we do what we teach, and we want to provide you with the ongoing support and advice you’re going to need to perfect your beach physique.

Here’s the deal. I still train private clients offline (and am forced to find new ways of overcoming roadblocks and plateaus), speak at conferences and corporate wellness programs, do interviews and podcasts, write articles for most of the major fitness magazines, and update this blog regularly.

In action at Paleo Fx

In action at Paleo Fx

I also consider myself a lifelong student and am learning and growing every day as an athlete and educator. I’m constantly reading new resources, attending conferences and seminars, and absorbing techniques and strategies from trusted colleagues.

When I’ve learned something new, and think it can help you, I want to share that with you.  This newsletter is how I can do that.


If all of that sounds good to you, I invite you to sign up for the guide, e-course, and ongoing newsletter today.  Here’s where you can do that.  If you scroll down a little, there’s a video of me explaining a little bit more about what the guide is about, and why it was created:



The 3-Step Beach Physique Transformation Process

Hey guys and gals, Kalai and I are in the process of putting together our free “Beach Physique Guide”.

Free meaning to “trick” you into signing up for our blog — don’t worry, we provide awesome information meant to actually help you, not bullshit.

“Beach Physique Guide” meaning training and nutrition programs geared specifically towards slashing fat, building a beach-ready body, and looking awesome with your shirt off, pants off, or walking around naked (not getting better at doing a bunch of exercises and drills in the gym, but getting nowhere with your physique goals).

This thing is gonna be cool man — an ebook plus an ongoing e-course/newsletter with emails and videos, etc.  This may be my final fitness coaching swan song, because I’m kind of getting bored with it all.  I may just go back to competing myself, and doing something else.

But first, I need to leave you with a comprehensive resource so you can learn everything you need to know to slash fat, transform your physique, and look awesome.  By the end, you’ll know more than 90% of the trainers out there — at least when it comes to body composition transformation — and you’ll be able to be your own physique coach.  You won’t need me or any other guru around to get the job done.

This guide is gonna be just that. So get your bikini or dong thong ready.

Anyways, that’s right around the corner.  For now, I was editing and uploading some of the videos, and thought these two in particular might help give you a good idea of our overall approach to body composition transformation, physique enhancement, etc.

Once you understand Da Big Picture, we can dive into Da Details. Here’s the vi-vi-videos:



The Irish Farmer’s Diet

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  May you have a little luck of the Irish, and get lucky, tonight.

In year’s past, right about this time of day, I’d be getting a call from Ol’ Patty — my full-blooded, Irish mama.   She would undoubtedly go on a profanity-laced tirade, yell at me about something, and then proceed to tell me how St Patrick’s Day is, and always will be, the greatest day of the year.  She’d also tell me what restaurant I was to take her to that upcoming weekend for steak and booze to celebrate.

But unfortunately, she ain’t around no more.  So I decided to do a post in honor of one of her wishes instead. She used to ask, “when are you going to talk about your better side’s diet — your Irish side’s diet.  You always just talk about that dumb Japanese diet”  Yes, she was slightly racist, even against her own children.  What can you say? She was one of a kind, and I loved her.

Here’s a video that talks about the benefits of my mama’s “Irish Farmer’s” diet, and how you can use that and other healthy cultural diet templates, to simplify the food choice process. I lean more towards carb-based diets for anaerobic athletes and those who strength train on a regular basis, so the ol’ meat and potatoes fits in perfect.  Thank my mama for being in my ear all the time about this one:


I learned a few other things from my mom.  I could go on forever, but here are the three most important ones:

1. The only thing you can really be good at is being yourself.

2. You just can’t give a shit about what other people think of you.

3. Do your own thing, and let the chips fall where they may.  It will work out somehow.

Now those are great pearls for personal happiness, but maybe not the best for traditional success.  I’m following them either way. I want to enjoy this ride. You do what you gotta do based on what you want to get out of life.

I’ve been seeing a bunch of Irish quotes all day, but none of those have hit home.  I had to remember some real gems today, some Ol’Patty classics:

“If everyone, including you, told me I needed to stop smoking 2-packs of cigarettes a day and drinking wine at noon, would I?  No. Fuck off Nathaniel Jude.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“I’m going outside to smoke.”

“Another chardonnay please.”

“You can do whatever you want.  You can cry, get mad, feel sorry for yourself, wish it were different. Just don’t fucking complain.”

“What the hell kind of restaurant doesn’t have chocolate? I”m outta here.”

“Kids these days are awful. Just awful.”

But when it really mattered most,

“I love you son. And give Kalai a hug for me.”

I will mom. And what the hell you crazy lady, I’m going to give you one too.

Nate & Mom

I’ll catch you on the other side.

Tyler Got Ripped: A Personal Success Story of Overcoming Carbophobia

When my buddy Tyler sent me an email explaining how adding a few carbs back into his diet got him more ripped than ever, I asked him to share his story on Da Blog for you.  He graciously accepted. Thanks brother.

Tyler's current condition

Tyler’s current condition

After all, you gotta be sick of me saying the same shit all of the time — there is no one Universal diet or macronutrient distribution that works for everyone, everywhere; you simply have to match the diet to the metabolic condition, training program, and physique goals; low-carb diets can be good or bad depending on the person/situation, etc.

I thought maybe you would take another ripped dude’s word for it. We’re about getting shit done on this site.  Take it from my buddy Tyler who is doing just that.


When I first began my experience regarding diet and weight training my approach was probably very similar to a lot of yours. Two goals in mind: build muscle and stay ripped. With all the controversy amongst macronutrients flying around you couldn’t help but get caught up in the mass confusion going back and forth. That wasn’t until I discovered Nate Miyaki that it finally cleared the air once and for all, and it was his teachings on carbohydrate metabolism, and the physiological use of glucose during exercise that truly changed the game.

You see I was training 5-6 days a week consuming no more then 25-50 grams of carbohydrates with the typical full blown paleo approach not realizing just how bad I needed the glycogen to fuel my workouts. I felt like I was spinning my wheels in an endless rut, my lifts were suffering, I was making no progress, my insomnia was increasing, and my libido was down the drain. That sh*t sucked.

It wasn’t until I reintroduced carbohydrates back into my diet that I gained my muscle mass back, and even new lean mass, and even lost more body fat then I had previously tried to with a carb restricted diet! My lifts immediately rose back up, I no longer sat in a constant brain fog, and my sleep was better then it had ever been in a long time. The lesson at hand is to truly understand and value the basic physiological responses of exercise and how sports nutrition is vastly different then that of a sedentary person. Understanding fuel sources is a basic principle that can allow you greater clarity amongst the body’s use of macronutrients entirely.

Do yourself a favor, leave the full blown paleo diet to the guy getting his exercise at the flick of the channel changer,  keep the carbs for yourself — Tyler Holmes


First off, thanks for sharing Tyler. I think the best way to help people is just by being an open book.  Thanks for letting us get a glimpse of your journey. And keep up the great work man. You’re looking frickin’ shredded.

Second, lets try to help everyone else reading this get some practical strategies from the post.  Tyler added: “You seriously got me out of the most depressing rut iv ever been in regarding diet, and a pure paleo diet at that. You have completely changed my outlook on carbohydrate metabolism and the impact it’s made on my training, sex life, sleep, and mood is literally outstanding. I maintain this level of leanness eating 180+carbs a day, if not higher on training days.”

Here’s a few more carb bullets that might help clear up some carb confusion and get the rest of you on a more targeted plan:

Read the rest of this entry

Beach Body Transformation Overview: An Efficient 4-Step Process to Looking Good Naked

Nate, babe, why don’t you recommend running for weight loss?  Because for physique-based goals like losing fat and looking awesome, it pales in comparison to the good diet + strength training combo.

Do I need to jump around like a cheerleader on an energy drink bender 6-days a week, for 90 days, to transform my body?  Do I need to train twice a day, two hours at a time, like the gym ratz and bunnies do to look good naked?  Well you can, but I don’t believe its necessary.  And I know you have a busy life and career outside of the gym, so let me throw a question back your way.  Don’t you want a more time-efficient route to a rocking bod?

Nate, young sir, why don’t you wear testicle-revealing short-shorts, yell and scream in my ear, and make me do a bunch of those cool-looking boot camp drills that are so trendy in the gyms, and look so cutting edge in infomercials? (1) I have tiny nuts, so you probably wouldn’t see those pistachios hanging no matter how short da shorts.  So I might as well wear something a little more comfortable (2) For physique, traditional strength training is not only more effective, but I find it to be more enjoyable for most.  I don’t know, people seem to like “feeling pumped up” more than “feeling like puking”.  Cardiovascular and neural overload is different than muscular overload, building a nice ass is a lot different process than having your ass kicked, etc.

So then what do you do to stay lean year-round? I eat a rock solid diet 6.5 days a week (which takes no extra time than eating a shitty diet.  And with good choices it can be done at home, out at a restaurant, or on the road), have a cheat night on Saturdays when I’m hanging with my family and friends — a time when no sane person should be worrying about a fitness diet, strength train 3-4 days a week for 30-45 minutes, and walk the Earth like a Vagabond when I have extra time (ie for an errand).  That’s it. It probably won’t win the World’s Most Innovative, Complex, or Cutting Edge Fitness Plan award (half the time I think trainers just make shit up because they are bored), but it is one hell of an effective plan in my humble opinion.

So I filmed a little video for you to explain more of the what, why, and how of my overall fitness approach:


1. Use Diet For 80% of Your Fat Loss. Don’t Try to Out-Train a Poor Diet.

2. Increase Your Non-Formal Activity Levels For the Final 20%.  Example: Walk More as Part of Your Day.

3. Do Some Mobility Drills, Stretching, Yoga, etc. to Offset the Seated Computer Posture and Improve Alignment/Posture.

4. Strength Train to Build Lean Muscle Mass and Shape, Tighten, and Tone the Body.