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The Feast Gets First Callout: A Podcast Interview on Intermittent Feasting & Fat Loss Eating

In action at Paleo Fx

What’s up my beach physique clique? We’ve interrupted our regularly scheduled blog post programming and e-course teachings for some impromptu feasting.  Go ahead and just let that take your imagination wherever it wants to go for a gluttonous or perverted moment.  No judgements here. I just wanted to share this podcast episode with my friends over at First Callout.  They are some cool dudes and have had some epic guests on their show.. Read More

When and How You Should Track Your Food Intake, Calories, and Macros

Brian Fantana Quotes

Over the last few posts, we’ve battled through tough times together, and bid farewell to a few that we’ve lost. But dammit, its high time we get back to having a little fun and getting some shit done. So for your fat loss satisfaction, we return to the nutrition action. As many of you know, the core principle of my intermittent feasting-style diet is to eat lighter during the day, and enjoy your.. Read More

A Memorial Post For Those We Miss The Most

Lantern Floating Hawaii 2014

We’ve all lost someone we loved.  It’s devastating. Cruising and perusing through Facebook, it seems like a lot of us have lost someone recently.  My heart goes out to you man.  I hope you’re hanging in there.  Having lost a few peeps myself, I know words can only do so much to comfort.  But what the hell, it’s worth a shot.  And it’s also worth trying something a little different. So Kalai and.. Read More