A wise friend once told me, “If you study your craft and create good content, eventually it will get out there.”  Myself being kind of a hippie, it sounded like overly optimistic hippie talk to me.  But I’m starting to see how it may just be da truth.  The fitness industry is catching on my friends, and it seems as if they are digging the Intermittent Feast approach.  I’m excited to say I have two articles in both Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness this month.  Here’s da preview



In terms of mainstream exposure, I know Men’s Fitness is probably the bigger deal, but M&F is a huge personal accomplishment for me.  Me and my brother Shawn used to collect Muscle & Fitness magazines as kids.  We had drawers and milk crates full of them.  I remember saying to myself that I was going to be in that mag one day.  So to get to write for them now is a huge honor, and a dream come true.

#1 –  How to Eat For Abs…And Say Hasta La Vista to Your Fat Stores (pg 38)

This is a quick break down of calorie and macronutrient calculations for cutting up.  Its a 3-phase approach that includes establishing a baseline, the targeted fat loss phase, and a final cyclical diet plan to burn off the last layer of flab, carve in the 6-er, and take it home.

#2 – The Ultimate Clean Bulk: Forget the Cutting Phase and Get Ripped While you Bulk with Intermittent Feasting. (pg 120)

This is a full-on feature story that I’m proud of.  I’m not a fan of the get huge and fat approach or sh*tloading, junk-loading, or whatever else you crazy kids are calling it these days.  So I break down a bulking plan with optimized food choices, macro calculations, and the Intermittent Feast structure.

Arnold on the cover.  Miyaki articles inside.  How could you go wrong?



It was a huge opportunity to get to write for Men’s Fitness.  That’s some pretty big exposure for such a Little Shiitake.  I’m stoked they gave Intermittent Feast some space, because it is a non-traditional approach that goes completely against what you normally hear about in fitness magazines regarding what you must do to lose weight — eat 5 small meals and snacks, cut calories/carbs and starve at night, find your favorite piece of cardio equipment, etc.

A.  The Real Resolution Workout: Get Ripped and Strong This Year, Starting With this Six-Week Plan.  Bonus: No Cardio Required! (pg. 94)

B.  Your Guaranteed Muscle Meal Plan: It Seems Crazy, But Trust Us — You Won’t Believe the Results. (pg. 102)

This was a double feature with a 3-4 days-a-week strength training program and an accompanying diet plan based on Intermittent Feast.  I couldn’t be happier.  They really let me share my philosophy.  Use diet as your primary weapon for fat loss and strength train to gain/maintain lean muscle mass and shape the body.  Cardio is unnecessary at best.

A bonus for Kalai is that Jason Statham is on the cover.  He’s in her Top 5.  To be honest, I think she could care less about my article inside, hahaha.