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A wise friend once told me, “If you study your craft and create good content, eventually it will get out there.”  Myself being kind of a hippie, it sounded like overly optimistic hippie talk to me.  But I’m starting to see how it may just be da truth.  The fitness industry is catching on my friends, and it seems as if they are digging the Intermittent Feast approach.  I’m excited to say I.. Read More

3 Intermittent Feast Interviews

In most social situations, I’m kind of a shy wallflower.  Just ask my wife how “smooth” I was when trying to ask her out on our first date.  It seriously was kindergarten sh*t. But as it turns out, if you get me talking about nutrition, you can’t shut me the hell up.  I did 3 interviews last week.  I didn’t have time to post them individually, so they are all going up now.. Read More

Enter the Dojo

The Dojo is Now Open!  What do you think?  Ah, we all can dream right? Most of us KNOW exactly what we need to do to reach our goals, but few of us actually DO IT. Real-world results are not about plans.  They are about EXECUTION.  I can talk about nutrition principles forever, but until you have a true purpose for taking action, all educational efforts are meaningless. Here’s the deal my friends. We.. Read More

In Defense of White Rice

“Tell me Michael, how could a billion Chinese people (and that half-Japanese, half-Irish Miyaki-dude) be wrong?” – David, The Lost Boys. Some nutritional camps really do think white rice is no better than eating a box of maggots.  “Maggots, Michael. You’re eating maggots. How do they taste?” (see da movie). Yet in some cultures (both modern and historical) that exhibit immaculate biomarkers of health, with low obesity and diabetes rates, it has been.. Read More

Dietary Flexibility: Adjusting the Numbers Based on the Physique Goals

Summary: I’m going to show you how simple it is to adjust the details of the Intermittent Feast diet to match your current physique goals.  For better or worse, New Year’s is a time of transition, and regardless of what new (or old) goals you’ve decided to pursue, this diet can be modified to help you accomplish them.  The overall structure of the diet stays the same (hunt & feast), but the numbers.. Read More