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Da Theme Song

Because we can all use a little more “beach dude” mentality in our lives… Because life is too short to be stressed out all of the time… Because a great kahu once said, “leave your trash at the door”… Because its been a tough year, but we’ve survived by putting one foot in front of the other and just walking on… Speaking of Bruce Lee, he once said, “Don’t add worry to your.. Read More

The Evolution of The Intermittent Feast + Video Commercial

Since I probably won’t post up again over the Holiday break, I figured I’d give you a 2-For = twice in one day.  Let that sink in for a few moments, and then just let your mind naturally decide what that really means to you.  No judgements here. I. DA LEFT HOOK – INTERMITTENT FEAST VIDEO COMMERCIAL So this was a little video we put together for my Amazon Author page.  I gotta.. Read More

5 Holiday Diet Tips & The Ripped Heskett Brothers

PART I – 5 HOLIDAY DIET TIPS * I recently wrote an article for my column over at T-Nation.  It was some non-fluff, no B.S. Holiday diet advice that will give you a better strategy the next few weeks than “drink more water” or “carry around celery sticks with you to all of your Holiday parties” or “buy a magic pill detox kit to start the New Year after your XXX-MAS debauchery”.  I’ve.. Read More

Steak & Shiitake Stir-Fry Recipe

We received a bunch of requests for more cooking tips, recipes, our feast meals, etc., so here’s another one for you.  I would say 75% of our meals are some type of meat and vegetable combination stir-fried together (minus da oils), served with rice.  Easy and quick to prepare (even for the culinary challenged such as ourselves), simple way to spice up left-overs, provides for a ton of variety with different meat and.. Read More

Homemade Chicken Soup Recipe

Its been dark, cold, and rainy.  As a result, we decided to cook some homemade chicken soup and share the recipe with you so you have a better option for warm, “comfort food”.  Hope it is useful for you.  Check out the out-takes to see a chicken doing lateral raises…