Hey my brothers and sisters, wanted to let you know I completed my new book Intermittent Feast:  An Evolutionary & Scientific Approach to Weight Loss.  I went Gung-Fu style on this one — hacked away the unessential to unveil a straightforward, streamlined approach to my nutritional philosophy.  We uploaded a Kindle version to Amazon and its available now.

But I also wanted to tell you about my overall plan, so there are no surprises.  Ultimately, the book will be available in a couple of different formats:

1. This Kindle Version

2. An Expanded Edition available as a PDF/Downloadable e-book.  This is going to have some additional content/bonus materials.

From the emails I’ve received, I understand y’all have different preferences for formats, sizes, and prices.  And since I am “The People’s Nutrition Educator”, I had no choice but to listen to Da People.

So if you prefer reading books on your Kindle or I-pad, this first option is ready to roll:

Intermittent Feast Kindle Edition