I just did an interview on the local fitness show High 5 Fitness.  Amazingly, I managed to not swear at all (bull crap is not really considered a curse word right?)!  We covered a lot of topics related to my nutritional approach:

1. Why you can’t out-train a poor diet, and why all of your exercise should be geared towards building/maintaining muscle, NOT burning fat (if your goals are purely cosmetic).
2. Why the Paleo/Caveman diet is a great educational tool/eating template for sedentary populations, but also why the athlete should add back in a select few starches to support anaerobic training.
3. The science, psychology, evolutionary history, and practical application of the Intermittent Feast eating structure.
4. Simple calorie recommendations based on different goals:  slashing fat, body recompositioning, gaining muscle mass.

5. Why the hard training athlete eating a no carb diet is just as much of a mismatch as the sedentary person eating a high carb diet.

Plus a few viewer q and a’s.  Check it out: