Nate Miyaki

Natural Physique Athlete ~ Student of The Ronin Strategies

Intermittent Feast Da Book — Round 1

Hey my brothers and sisters, wanted to let you know I completed my new book Intermittent Feast:  An Evolutionary & Scientific Approach to Weight Loss.  I went Gung-Fu style on this one — hacked away the unessential to unveil a straightforward, streamlined approach to my nutritional philosophy.  We uploaded a Kindle version to Amazon and its available now. But I also wanted to tell you about my overall plan, so there are no.. Read More

Nate’s TV Interview on High 5 Fitness

I just did an interview on the local fitness show High 5 Fitness.  Amazingly, I managed to not swear at all (bull crap is not really considered a curse word right?)!  We covered a lot of topics related to my nutritional approach: 1. Why you can’t out-train a poor diet, and why all of your exercise should be geared towards building/maintaining muscle, NOT burning fat (if your goals are purely cosmetic). 2. Why.. Read More

Intermittent Feast Travel Edition: An Easier Diet Plan on the Road

One of the biggest dietary pitfalls is the dreaded “T” word. Teabaggin’? Nope, but mine are a blend of Japanese Green and Irish Breakfast. Although small, they are potent, and I’ve been told are quite refreshing, especially with the patented Miyaki steeping method… But that’s not what I’m talking about today. The “T” word I’m talking about is travel. “I was on track and making great progress until I had to break up.. Read More