Nate Miyaki

Natural Physique Athlete ~ Student of The Ronin Strategies

Introducing Intermittent Feast

*Warning — this is a LONG post geared towards those who are looking for a streamlined approach to my nutrition philosophy.  It is going to stay up as a tab on the site, so you can always access it for reference easily.  No pictures, no fluff, no bullsh*t.  Just straight up education on this one. I-Feast Gung fu is based on simplicity; all techniques are stripped down to their essential purpose without wastage.. Read More

5 Simple Food Choice Tips

A. WHAT TO DO – SUMMARY 1. Use Paleo/Caveman/Evolutionary Nutrition as the foundation of your diet, and the first thing you think of when making food choices.  If it was around in caveman times you can eat it.  If man made it, don’t eat it.  If you can cut its head off or pluck it from the ground, it’s probably good to go.  If it’s neon blue and comes in a bag or.. Read More