Nate Miyaki

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This one is personal to me, as several of my family members have battled or are battling cancer.  My first contribution to the LIVESTRONG site went up today thanks to my new buddy Adam Bornstein.  He’s a cool guy, and it looks like this could turn into a regular thing. The only way I know how to make a difference is through writing and educating. This piece is more on why I believe.. Read More

Another Miyaki Interview

You guys tired of hearing what I have to say yet? I hope not, because my fitness buddy Kyle Hunt recently interviewed me on his site. I’ve re-posted the piece for you here (I added the sub-headings and a few pics).  Hope you enjoy Note: I first saw Nate’s material on T-Nation. I was reading one of his articles and thought to myself “damn this guy views nutrition pretty similar to how I.. Read More

The Complete Renegade Strength Interview

My buddy Jason Ferruggia hit me up and asked me if I’d like to do an interview on his Renegade Strength & Conditioning blog.  It was a huge honor and I accepted. When asked a question, I give an honest, straightforward, no bullsh*t answer, and then I ramble about nonsense because I’m a weird guy like that.  I guess Jason liked that style, because the interview ended up being a 3-parter. Quite frankly,.. Read More

Hanging With a Renegade

I thought you guys might enjoy an interview I recently did with my friend Jason Ferruggia.  He has one of the top strength training blogs, well, on planet earth.  It was truly an honor to get to be a part of it.  Plus, he gets my weird sense of humor, refusal to conform to political correctness and live a boring life (thus deliver you boring fitness information), so it all worked out.  *Warning.. Read More

Fat Loss Simplified

Here is the best and most honest fat loss/health enhancement advice I could ever give you: Upping your # of glasses of water per day is good advice, BUT YOU STILL NEED TO STOP EATING SHIT. Maybe you do need more Vitamin C or calcium or whatever, BUT YOU STILL NEED TO STOP EATING SHIT. Perhaps you actually do need a prescription for something, BUT YOU STILL NEED TO STOP EATING SHIT. Definitely.. Read More