Nate Miyaki

Natural Physique Athlete ~ Student of The Ronin Strategies

Book Interview Diakadi-Style

My friends from Diakadi Training Studio recently interviewed me about my new book.  Getting into my head is always an interesting adventure.  I think Leonardo DiCaprio and the Inception crew planted some bad seeds up in there that I just can’t get out.  Oh well, at least its more entertaining than a robotic voice telling you to eat more vegetables (which you absolutely should by the way). Hope you enjoy: Nate’s mission in.. Read More

The Fat Loss Consultant is Here

I’m proud to announce that my next project, The Fat Loss Consultant, is now available! It was a lot of work putting this project together, and there were even more hurdles getting it up and live, but with the help of some good friends, it is finally here.  I don’t want to call it the first — although its the first that I know of — so I’ll call it the most comprehensive.. Read More

Merging Health Enhancement With Physique Enhancement

The other day — I assume in trying to figure out his own future training niche — a young colleague was asking me what it is that I do?  I kick a$$, that’s what I do, hahaha… More specifically, he was asking me who my target audience is, what types of people I advise, what my “specialty” or “area of focus” is, what is the foundation of my overall approach, the elevator pitch.. Read More

Client Congratulations

I’m embarrassed that I have been so busy working on my own stuff that I am late in congratulating two of my clients on their recent accomplishments.  What a jerk huh?  2 very different clients, as you’ll see, but I’m equally proud of both. LISA CHAN Lisa recently competed at the 2012 Miss California USA competition and placed in the Top 20, out of 276 women!  I set up and adjusted her nutrition.. Read More