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Book Interview Diakadi-Style

My friends from Diakadi Training Studio recently interviewed me about my new book.  Getting into my head is always an interesting adventure.  I think Leonardo DiCaprio and the Inception crew planted some bad seeds up in there that I just can’t get out.  Oh well, at least its more entertaining than a robotic voice telling you to eat more vegetables (which you absolutely should by the way). Hope you enjoy:

Where my left hand is is our business

Nate’s mission in writing The Fat Loss Consultant was to bring you the facts about nutrition and make it easy and most importantly sustainable even with our hectic lives. We decided to interview him about his new book and what makes it so different and easy to follow compared to other nutrition program or diets. He let us in on a few life secrets, as well as why his system works.

1. What motivated you to write your most recent book, The Fat Loss Consultant?

I’m getting old, and the stripper industry is pushing me out the door.  Just kidding (or am I?)

One of the main problems in the fitness industry is that most of the nutrition information out there is written WITHOUT keeping the specific demands and obstacles of the busy professional in mind.  Does any of this sound familiar — eat 6 small meals a day, cut calories and starve on salads at night, never eat out at restaurants, etc.?

I’ve been in this business long enough to know that approach may work for a tiny percentage of hardcore athletes — or just plain gym rats and diva’s — who, not-so-coincidentally, are the ones writing most of what you read in the magazines.  But c’mon man, it’s not a realistic plan for a busy professional with a hectic schedule and crazy career demands.

This is why we have so many diet programs on the market producing so few results.

The Fat Loss Consultant was designed to help solve this problem.  It is a system that combines convenient, flexible, and sustainable diet plans with real world practical application strategies to help busy professionals lose fat, improve health, and overcome their most common dieting roadblocks.

2. Who should purchase this system?

With late night deadlines, long business trips, and corporate pressure, does your health profile look like a corpse-in-waiting?  Has your six-pack turned into a keg?  Has that daily muffin turned into a permanent muffin top hanging over your bikini bottoms?  Maybe you should give us a chance to change your broken down corporate body into a head-turning beach physique…

Honestly, I believe this system is for anyone tired of “quick fix” approaches, and is looking for a more functional lifestyle plan.  Any diet can work for the short-term when motivation is high — say for the upcoming beach season or for a professional photo shoot geared towards fooling people on your e-dating site profiles.

But what happens after that 12-weeks, or 90 days, or whatever?  Athletes and average dieters alike will yo-yo between extremes.  You need a more informed approach, based on both scientific research and real world practical experience, to achieve permanent, sustainable results.

In other words, this book is for anyone who is looking to stop getting scammed or sold on magic pills/miracle products, and start getting educated on better lifestyle habits.

3. What is your “hands-down / most effective” piece of nutritional advice that you stand by and share with others?

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The Fat Loss Consultant is Here

I’m proud to announce that my next project, The Fat Loss Consultant, is now available!

It was a lot of work putting this project together, and there were even more hurdles getting it up and live, but with the help of some good friends, it is finally here.  I don’t want to call it the first — although its the first that I know of — so I’ll call it the most comprehensive nutrition product specifically written for busy professionals that need help losing fat and improving their health.

That’s right, most of the fitness nutrition content out there may look good in the glossy pages of a magazine, but is impractical to follow or unsustainable for the long-term given the career demands and hectic schedule of a busy professional.  We’re hoping this new project provides the practical solutions necessary to solve that specific problem.

So get on over and check it out!



Merging Health Enhancement With Physique Enhancement

She is denying me from dropping my hand a little lower??

The other day — I assume in trying to figure out his own future training niche — a young colleague was asking me what it is that I do?  I kick a$$, that’s what I do, hahaha…

More specifically, he was asking me who my target audience is, what types of people I advise, what my “specialty” or “area of focus” is, what is the foundation of my overall approach, the elevator pitch of my business, etc.

Basically, he wanted to know what is the primary focus of my life’s work — at least at this moment in time? Either that, or he was bored as sh*t and was just trying to make conversation.

Either way, it’s cool.  It got me to thinking.  Beyond the day-to-day tasks of my business, what is the larger goal I’m trying to accomplish?  What is the overall purpose of my articles, books, and products?  What is the problem I am trying to solve?

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Client Congratulations

I’m embarrassed that I have been so busy working on my own stuff that I am late in congratulating two of my clients on their recent accomplishments.  What a jerk huh?  2 very different clients, as you’ll see, but I’m equally proud of both.


MISS CA USA 2012 Swimsuit

Lisa recently competed at the 2012 Miss California USA competition and placed in the Top 20, out of 276 women!  I set up and adjusted her nutrition plan and my colleague Coach Shawn Toussaint trained her throughout her preparation.  It was amazing to see the progress she made, and of course she ended up looking beautiful on stage.  Our only request is that she remembers us “little folks” that helped her along the way when she becomes a superstar.


And New Champ…

I helped formulate my friend Ralph’s nutrition plan during his two most recent fight camps.  The end result?  Ralph dropped a weight class and became the 135lbs champ in his promotion.  I’m going to have Ralph as a guest on this blog at some point to talk about the diet plan he implemented through his camp, but it was based on the core principles I have presented on this site: Paleo Nutrition Base, with the addition of a select few starches to support anaerobic training, eating lighter during the day with the majority of calories and carbs at night, etc.  You’ve heard it before, now you can see that it works:  male, female, lover, fighter, etc. hahaha.

For now you can watch some footage of Ralph winning his title.  The dude is a beast:

Ralph also gave me some love in an interview for “Inside Punch”.  Thanks brother:

So here is some love back.  Ralph trains out of “Athens Fitness and MMA” (, and his fight team is called “The HardCore Gym”.  If you’re in that area, hit ‘em up.

It was an honor to work with both of you!