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Purdue Lean Protein & Meal Frequency Study

Hey guys and gals, I like reading science studies — if you’ve been around for awhile on this blog you know I’m a nerd like that — but I don’t always rely on them to “prove” what I know works in the real world. When I wrote the Samurai Diet, I was focusing on a plan that I believed to be not only effective, but functional and sustainable for busy, working professionals.  Science.. Read More

6 Nutrition Tips & Gain’s Web Commercial

What’s up everyone?  Hope all is well. I’ve been crazy busy over at GainFitness creating content for their website/blog, and working behind the scenes as a science reference for their computer algorithms.  Nerdy stuff, but fun. I’d never create or put out content I did not believe in regardless of who I’m working for or what brand/publication it is released under, so the cool thing is they said I can post it here.. Read More

Exercise Execution Tip – Chest Training

The content train is rolling over at GainFitness, and its gotten me back in the good habit of getting instructional pieces out to those interested.  We’re throwing some video blog posts into the mix.  Here’s one I did about proper exercise execution for chest movements.  You need to keep the shoulders back and chest out throughout the entire range of motion for most movements to ensure you are engaging the chest muscles, and.. Read More

Strength Training vs. Cardio for Fat Loss

If you want to lose fat, get your a$$ off the eliptical machine and start hitting the weights!!! I wrote another guest blog post for GainFitness about why strength training is far superior to traditional cardio for fat loss.  Real fat loss is not about how many calories you burn the one hour that you exercise, it is how your choice of exercise effects the number of calories you burn THE OTHER 23.. Read More

GainFitness Guest Blog Post

Hey guys and gals, I think I might have mentioned to you before that I’ve been working behind the scenes with a start-up company called GainFitness.  They have a cool I-phone App and web tools that they are using to create mobile workouts and bring some of the benefits of personal training to the general public (program design, tracking tools, accountability, etc.). Anyways, I wrote a guest blog post for them about the.. Read More