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Musclemania Blog Post

Hey everyone, I updated my blog on, but people were telling me they were having problems accessing it.  So I figured I copy and post it here, in case you were interested.  Here it is in full: Musclemania Blog Post 10.28.11 Its been awhile since we last had a chance to hang out and catch up, so hey, aloha, what’s up?  Hope all is well with you.  We’ve had a lot going.. Read More

Get The Samurai Diet on your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch!

When The Samurai Diet came out on I wanted to check it out on my iPhone. I had heard there was a Kindle for iPhone app, but hadn’t installed or used it before. If you are in the same boat, here are the steps to get the book on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. I’m posting these instructions from memory, so I hope they are right  😉

The Book is Done – Finally!

Well, I’ve been talking about it for awhile.  You’ve been patiently awaiting its arrival.  Or were you just being polite, in all actuality thinking to yourself, “This joker is full of crap, he’s a talker not a doer, he isn’t putting out a book.”  Ha, that’s what I was starting to think too. The thing is, I’ve actually been working on versions of this book for a couple of years.  Its only become.. Read More

Warrior Guideposts

WARRIOR GUIDEPOSTS 1. Throughout your life advance daily, becoming more skillful than yesterday, more skillful than today.  This is never-ending. — Hagakure. 2. Something that is not done at that time and at that place will remain unfinished for a lifetime.  At a time when it is difficult to complete matters with the strength of a single man, one will bring it to a conclusion with the strength of two. — Hagakure. 3… Read More

Get Started

It is not how much you have learned, but how much you have absorbed in what you have learned — the best techniques are the simple ones executed right. — Bruce Lee. If we had 10 minutes, and I knew I would never see you again the rest of my life, here is what I would tell you about the fat loss and physique enhancement process: