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You know, my main goal is to help you achieve your fat loss and physique enhancement goals.  I realize to accomplish that task, I have to expose you (exposing myself is just marketing — good or bad is for you to decide) to great content, whether that content was created by me OR someone else.  I’m not one of these “my way or the highway” type of guys.  If something can add to.. Read More

Its a Walk-Off

Billy Zane knew it was inevitable.  He proclaimed, “its a walk-off” as Derek Zoolander and Hansel prepared for their epic runway showdown. I’ve repeated the following statement multiple times on this site and within articles for various publications:  most people could cure their overweight blues, reduce insulin resistance, dramatically improve other biomarkers of health, and reach a reasonable, “healthy” bodyweight by improving their diet and WALKING alone, no formal exercise sessions necessary.