Nate Miyaki

Natural Physique Athlete ~ Student of The Ronin Strategies

The Basics – Exercise/Training

Now that you have the diet down, here are our recommendations for your workouts. These recommendations will differ depending on your current weight and level of general fitness. If you are severely overweight and deconditioned: Most people can reach a natural, healthy bodyweight with proper nutrition and walking alone; no gym or formal exercise sessions are necessary. You may move to the structured when you reach a healthier weight Focus on cleaning up.. Read More

The Basics – Nutritional Overview

Let’s start our discussion of the basics with our nutritional overview. Why? Because what you put in your mouth (or perhaps more importantly, what you DON’T put in your mouth), will have the greatest effect on your body composition and changes to your physique. Here are the basic principles that guide our recommendations: Nutritional Overview: We emphasize a natural, animal and vegetable-based diet over a refined sugar & flour-based diet. Animals foods provide.. Read More

From Runner to Ripped

Before I talk about my bikini contest prep, I should give you some history about my fitness and athletic background… I started playing volleyball in middle school, and continued through high school and college. Being on the NCAA Division III team of an institution that prized research over athletics – and had torn its former Division I football stadium down to build a library – our training sessions weren’t terribly hard-core. Nonetheless, I.. Read More

Q: What’s the best way to train your body to burn fat instead of carbs while exercising?

ANSWER: The actual answer to your question is low intensity aerobic activity, after a period of fasting (so first thing in the morning). The real question, however, is this — is that the most efficient and effective approach for your goals? Assuming your goal is to lose body fat — I would say absolutely not! Its not about how many calories you burn while exercising, or what percentage of those calories come from.. Read More

Q: What’s a good workout schedule to get to 8% body fat?

ANSWER: 1. Nutrition by far is the most important component of getting ripped. Focus on that more than the training program — trust me. Eating clean is great, but to reach low single digit body fat percentage you need to be more detailed. Paleo/low carb advocates may claim that all you need to do is cut carbs to get ripped, but the process is much more complex than that. A Paleo diet is.. Read More