Nate Miyaki

Natural Physique Athlete ~ Student of The Ronin Strategies

Choosing the Right Program in 2011

One of the “Miyaki-isms” I repeat almost daily in my training business is this: training for performance is different than training for appearance.  That slogan has been sprinkled over various articles and posts on this site.  As the New Year approaches and everyone starts setting their goals and resolutions, I thought I’d take a moment to readdress that issue.  I want to ensure the training program you choose in the New Year matches.. Read More

Even Simpler Nutrition Advice

I like to write. I guess in the real world that translates into I like to hear myself talk — which I really don’t, I’m usually the wallflower at parties. So something must get lost in the translation. But I do like to write. And sometimes when I write, I go off on tangents about science or the state of the fitness industry or some other random topic (90% of the time related.. Read More

Even Simpler Nutrition Advice

With that being said, I realized that sometimes the practical information/fitness tips I want you to apply, preferably TODAY, don’t always immediately get across to all of you — my family and friends.  And yes, I consider my private clients, and even my online readers, as my friends.  I guess that’s something I’ve always believed in, and it helps me stay a real, authentic dude.  Treat everyone you meet, and interact with, and.. Read More