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Body Composition Training 101: Duration

Duration = Total training time, length of an exercise session. Does not include warm-up or cool-down period. Recommendation = 30-60 minutes How long can you last?………… We’re talking about exercise here people. Clean it up. So we’ve established that you are going to be busting ass during a training session to change your body right? But how long should you be busting ass? Is there a minimum amount of time necessary to facilitate.. Read More

Body Composition Training 101: Frequency

Recommendations: Beginners: 2-3 exercise sessions per week Intermediates: 3-4 exercise sessions per week Advanced: 4-5 exercise sessions per week Before you worry about free weights vs. machines, total body training vs. body part splits, New Age vs. Old School, or Jane Fonda vs. Richard Simmons, you have to figure out how often you should be training to maximize your results. Step one of getting any job done is to actually show up. Once.. Read More

Body Composition Training 101: Introduction

There is one universal fitness truth that you must understand if you expect to get the most out of your exercise efforts. “Nate Miyaki is the king and ruler of all the fitness land”. Ha – just kidding, but not really. Listen up my friends, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you want to get optimal results from your exercise efforts, your training PROGRAM must match your training GOALS… Read More

How to Look Better Naked

Now that I have your attention… There are many reasons to engage in a regular exercise program.  The most common, of course, is to look better in a dress or suit, in a bikini or board shorts, or (even better) naked. Once you come to the conclusion that changing your appearance is your primary exercise goal, you need to make sure that your training program is structured accordingly.  My latest article is an.. Read More