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Musclemania Contest Prep on

I competed in Musclemania America 2009 after a five-year hiatus. Check out my article on to learn how I trained for the comeback. I learned some valuable lessons from the process that have influenced what I am doing for my upcoming contests.

Sample Workouts

In other articles on this site, I’ve explained my belief that bodybuilding and fitness-style training is the best way to lose weight and shape your body. To sum it up: Training for performance is much different than training for appearance. Training for core strength, balance, posture, and corrective exercise are all much different than training for appearance. Bodybuilding and fitness-style workouts (body part splits, target training, a certain amount of volume, proper rep.. Read More

The Power of Goals

Setting goals is a powerful tool that can be used in almost every aspect of our lives — self-improvement, career advancement, educational development, athletic achievement, relationship communication, and financial control. Those who have never used goals for guidance or motivation tend to write them off as self-help nonsense. Those who have experienced their power set and monitor goals on a regular basis. All achievement starts with goals. You have to know where you.. Read More

Training Prep on

I’m excited to share that my second article has been posted on  When I submitted it I was training for a competition in August, but as you know from my last post I have instead set my sights on the Musclemania California show in October, and the INBA Natural Mr. Universe in November. I’ll be updating my progress along the way on their site, and will of course keep you all apprised.. Read More

The Barebones Fitness Nutrition Plan

A mentor of mine once said that advice doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. In fact, the simpler the advice, the more likely it will be followed. If you can’t summarize your theories about fitness nutrition in less than a few minutes then either your client won’t understand it, you don’t really understand it, you’re trying to sound too smart, or the material is so complex that it won’t work in.. Read More