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Week 6 – Diet, Fake Tans, and Gelato

After checking out this blog a buddy of mine was giving me some crap. “Its cool and all”, he said, “but damn you need a tan!” Hah, no doubt. I’m lucky they make that fake tan in a bottle and Dream Tan stuff. For those of you haven’t competed before, Dream Tan is a skin dye you put on before you go on stage. The lights are so bright that you have to be super dark (beyond even a good natural tan) or your definition/cuts will get washed out. The dye basically looks like shoe polish. Its as weird as it sounds, but hey, its bodybuilding. What can you do?

I was in Maine Thurs-Mon for business and a little bit of fun. The timing wasn’t great because of the proximity to the show. When you have to travel, training is the easy part. You can always find a place to work out, or if worst comes to worst, you can do some modified bodyweight workouts. I found a cool, old school basement gym and had some great workouts. Being on a competition diet, however, can be somewhat of a challenge.

I packed a bunch of small baggies of rice so I had a clean source of carbs whenever necessary. I also packed some cans of salmon for a convenient protein source. That stuff sucks because it smells like cat food. When you pop it open everyone looks at you like you’re a weirdo, but it gets the job done. When we arrived we headed straight over to the local supermarket. I ordered some pre-cooked chicken breasts and grabbed some hardboiled eggs and vegetables from the salad bar. The few times we ate out I ordered fish with rice and/or veggies. The local Sushi joint congratulated us for coming twice in one day. It was a pain in the ass, but with less than a month, you can’t deviate from the game plan. Not even for Gelato.

My wife ordered this awesome gelato combination (chocolate/dulce de leche) from a local shop. She ate it all right in front of me, very slowly, as I squirmed and suffered. What’s up with that? We didn’t take the after picture where I was laughing and she was grimacing because her stomach hurt from all of that sugar. In all honesty though, my wife is my biggest supporter and I don’t know where I’d be without her.

I whine about having to travel a month before the show and then read blogs from guys like Sanya Amaya and Victor Montoya and feel like such a wimp. We all make sacrifices as fitness competitors, but these guys have persevered through incredible obstacles to achieve great success. All of the bloggers are great competitors and an inspiration to me, but especially these two. I wish you the best of luck.

Next week we’ll talk a little bit about Capoeira training for the stretch run. Until then, Happy Halloween.

Week 5 – Condition Update

I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback about the blog. Just wanted to say thanks for giving me your support. I wanted to have a good time with it and take a different approach, and it seems that some people are enjoying following along.

It’s just not my personality to sit back each week and write about how awesome I am or how I’m going to take my weight class down in Vegas. Besides, I know I’m not going to be the biggest, freakiest, baddest guy there. I’ve been checking out some of the other blogs and damn there are some big, ripped dudes coming to Fitness America. My main goal is to just be the best I can be on that day. That’s what bodybuilding is really all about. Hopefully, that results in bringing an overall look that is appealing to both the fitness and media industries. If not, I will hide in shame forever.

With the high caliber of athletes coming to Fitness America, I realized I needed to turn it up a notch. Over the weekend I implemented an old school, hardcore diet trick. Carb loading? No carbs? Supercompensation? Nah, none of the above. I went down to Japantown, picked up a whole raw fish, opened the package, and ate the whole thing — head, eyes, tail, bones, and all. I guess this could be considered the Japanese version of the Rocky Balboa raw egg drink. I won’t make any predictions about the Fitness America competition, but me vs. a fish, that’s a whole other story. I’m half Japanese; if you put a fish in front of me, I’m going to take that sucker down every time.

Just kidding about the whole raw fish thing, so don’t try it at home…

I rarely weigh myself or take body fat measurements. I just don’t think it is that valuable for bodybuilders or fitness models. For the stage and for photo shoots, the only thing that matters is how you look, not what some number says. And besides, no one in the real world cares what body fat percentage you are buddy boy, so quit bragging about it. I had an old buddy who would always work his body fat percentage into the conversation as a pick-up line with girls. You know like the guy who says, “by the way I make 200K a year”. He would do the exact same thing, “You know when your 4% body fat, blah, blah…” What a cheeseball! The worst part about it is that sometimes it worked.

The only time I really take those measurements is when I’m trying to figure out what weight class I’m going to compete in. Now is one of those times. Back in the day I competed at 155lbs. At Fitness America there is no 155lbs class this time around. There is lightweight (165lbs) and bantamweight (145lbs). A twenty-pound difference is huge. I figured with just over a month left to show time, I better decide just what the hell I’m doing. I used the Tanita body fat analyzer scale for assessment. It’s supposed to be one of the most accurate models, but I don’t put too much stock into that. The read out says 154lbs, 5% body fat. I know can drop a little more fat and tighten up in a few spots, so we’ll see where the next month takes me. If I get close enough, I might try to cut some water weight and make 145lbs. If not, I’ll stay at lightweight. I won’t do anything drastic to jeopardize my conditioning, or worse, my health.

Stay tuned to see how it turns out. Have a great week everyone. Feel free to shoot me an email at

Week 4 – Contest Diet

What’s my super cool revolutionary diet trick that is going to make me the next multi-millionaire fitness guru? Ostrich eggs!!! Yep, I got tired of cracking so many eggs all the time so I switched over to the giant Ostrich egg. Have you ever seen one of these things? There like the size of a mini-football and cost $30 for one egg. It reminds of the scene in Nacho Libre where Nacho climbs to the top of the mountain and drinks the Eagle Egg for super powers.I’m just joking by the way. But sometimes I do get sick of cracking so many damn eggs.

Whether you are getting ready for the stage, the beach, a wedding, or just trying to maintain a healthy bodyweight, there’s no doubt that diet/nutritional intake is by far the most important piece of the puzzle. I’m sure most bodybuilders and fitness athletes would agree. When you see someone ripped at 4% body fat, rest assured they sacrificed and were extremely disciplined with their food intake. You can’t make up for a poor, or even decent diet, with more time on the treadmill. If you want to look great, you can’t just have an average diet. For contest dieting, you have to have a warrior-like mentality.

As with training I’ve studied the protocols of many different nutritional coaches, doctors, and natural bodybuilders. I’ve read everything from published studies in peer-reviewed research journals to fitness nutrition experts to commercial diet books. And as with the training, the more I learn the simpler and simpler I get with my approach (both for myself and for the clients I advise). I think part of the problem is that its human nature to always be looking for the next best thing or the easier way. And as athletes, we are always looking for that extra edge to push us to the next level. Sometimes that causes us to focus too much on minor issues while at the same time neglecting the bigger picture.

For dieting, the best formula I know for a starting ground is 1-1.5g of protein per pound of LEAN BODY MASS, 1-1.5g of carbohydrate per pound of LBM, and about 20-25% calories from fat. Then adjustments need to be made based on body type and progress. There are more extreme diets (extreme low carb or low fat) that may produce results, but there are some pretty hefty costs — hormonal deficiencies, metabolic disturbances, etc. You need certain amounts of all macronutrients for normal physiological functioning.Here is a look at my current plan:
Breakfast: 8egg whites, 1 cup rice, veggies (nori, spinach, or cabbage) 1 tsp macadamia nut oil
Midmorn: 4oz fish or chicken, ½ cup mashed yams
Pre workout: 25g whey or 10g BCAA, 12-16oz coffee
Post workout: 25g whey or 10g BCAA
Lunch/post workout II: 8egg whites, 1 cup rice, 1 tsp mno
Dinner: 4oz fish or chicken, ½ cup mashed yams, veggies
Night: 4 oz fish or chicken, ½ cup mashed yams, veggies

One of the reasons I’m really excited to be writing this blog is because I am trying to transition into more writing in the fitness industry. I currently run a private training business, but I’d like to branch out and reach more people through articles and books. My website is up right now, but I’m also in the process of revising it so I can have more content like articles. Look for some changes in the near future.

Next time I’ll give you an update on my current conditioning and introduce you to my support group. Until then, take care.

Week 3 – Training II and Pro Wrestling

After evaluating where I’m at I decided to change my training up a little bit to a more traditional once per week split. This will allow me to include a little more volume per muscle group. My new split is as follows:

Mon — Back, Calves — Pull-ups or pulldowns, rack deadlifts, bent-over rows, one arm rows, calf raises
Tues — Rest
Wed — Chest, Biceps, Abs — Flat db press, incline db press, cable press, some version of a fly, preacher curls, concentration curls, machine preacher curls, hammer curls
Thur– Rest
Fri — Quads, Hams, Calves — leg press, squats, hamstring curls, stiff leg deadlifts, split squats or lunges, calf raises
Sat– Shoulder, Triceps, Abs — db presses, db laterals, machine rear delts, cable tri extensions, oh db extensions, close grip bench, external rotators.
Sun — Rest

I’m not the biggest guy in the world, so my game plan is to try and come in as lean and ripped as possible. With my ectomorph body type, however, this means my training style resembles more of an offseason bulking program. I use basic compound moves, heavy weights (relative to me), for 3 sets of 6-12 reps. Although I use basic moves, I vary things like rest between sets and rep tempos in order to change the training stimulus. For some exercises I’ll use a 3-1-x explosive lifting tempo for power, fast twitch fiber recruitment, and neural adaption. Sometimes I’ll use a 2-2 continuous tempo for more time under tension. I believe sticking to basic movements and varying other training parameters is the best way to get results. But who knows, I could be completely wrong….

And cardio? I just don’t do a ton of it. I may practice capoeira or walk outside a little more, but that’s about it. I believe cardio is overrated for body composition change. The most important component for dropping body fat is diet. People don’t want to eat right, so they think that hours on a treadmill can make up for it. It just doesn’t work that way.

What’s up with the Pro Wrestling? In college, I trained in the Brazilian martial art Capoeira. Originally disguised as a dance by slaves, capoeira combines martial arts with dance and acrobatic moves. I used to train at an acrobat/gymnastics studio from time to time, and one day I met a guy who said I should go check out this Pro Wrestling School nearby.

Before I knew it, I had gone through the Boot Camp and was touring with All Pro Wrestling as the Kamikaze Kid Miyaki Frantz. I was one of the smaller guys for the industry (I’ll be competing as a bantamweight at Musclemania), so I used to do a lot of crazy flips and acrobatics moves (like Rey Mysterio Jr.). My finishing move was a 450 splash, basically a 1 ½ flip off the top rope down onto my opponent. For all of you wrestling fans out there, I wrestled matches with The Great Khali and Samoa Joe and was on shows with guys like John Cena, A.J. Styles, Chris Daniels, and even the Honky Tonk Man.

That was a fun time, but I look back now and realize how crazy I was. If I can figure out a way to transfer VHS tapes to You Tube, maybe I’ll post some old videos. But no more of that stuff for me, I’ve switched the ring for the bodybuilding stage.

Next Week — It’s Diet Time!!!!!!